TWD- Chocolate Chunkers

Claudia of Fool for Food chose this week’s recipe. I have to be honest, when I read it my first thought was, “These have a lotta things that I (and/or my husband) don’t like.” So I actually made the dough, took about a third of it and added cocoa powder, golden raisins, chocolate chips and white chocolate chips. And then I made plain chocolate chip cookies to the rest. Hee, hee. Honestly, the chocolate chunkers baked up beautifully and smelled really good (even though they looked exactly like these??!).

They had nice crispy edges and soft chewy centers. But the raisins in chocolate cookies really didn’t do it for me. In all fairness, I’m only a fan of raisins in oatmeal cookies. I ate one, my baby (and her belly) ate one, and I threw the rest of out.

So needless to say, I’m (and my husband) glad I made chocolate chip cookies with the rest of the dough. Check out Claudia’s blog for the recipe if you want (I think it will be in English?)!


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