TWD- Creme Brulee

After reading a couple other posts on this, I’m not alone in saying that Creme Brulee has always been a favorite dessert of mine. And my husband’s. So much so, in fact, that we got a butane torch for our wedding shower (we have yet to buy a tank, though…darn!). So I was pretty excited that this week’s recipe was for Creme Brulee, chosen by Merouw Cupcake. There are a few variations given in the book, but I stuck with the normal vanilla version because it’s so good. I’ve made it in the past, but it always involved a water bath. Dorie’s version doesn’t use a water bath- just baking it at a very low temperature for a longer period of time. The recipe is very simple- just boiling cream and milk and using it to temper the egg yolks and sugar. Pop it in the oven and that’s it! Although, the recipe says 50-60 minutes, mine took a lot longer than that (was anyone else’s bubbling even though the center was set??!!). Since we don’t have a tank for our torch (even though it’s been over 5 years), I used the boiler method to crystallize the sugar. I also halved it because that last thing we need at our house is 4-6 creme brulees. Here’s the recipe.


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