Star Cake

I made a simple small cake for Grandpa Dewey's birthday. I was going to make a monkey because he's famous for making our girls laugh with monkey noises, but I think the filling is too soft to hold up such a heavy figure. Plus, I have two cakes to make this week and I'm sure … Continue reading Star Cake


The Cake Slice- Hot Chocolate Chiffon Cake

I'm so excited- this is the first Cake Slice Bakers recipe. This is a new baking group started by Gigi and Katie making cakes from Sky High: Irresistable Triple-Layer Cakes. I LOVE making layered cakes! The recipe is really for a cappucino chiffon cake, but we're not coffee or alcohol drinkers so I substituted hot … Continue reading The Cake Slice- Hot Chocolate Chiffon Cake

Pumpkin Chili with Homemade Cornbread

In the pumpkin frenzy that's happening while my husband's out of town, I made pumpkin chili last weekend when I thought maybe it was going to be fall (the temperature was a chilly 71 degrees)! The pumpkin added a zesty orange color and just a hint of warm pumpkin flavor in the background.With homemade cornbread … Continue reading Pumpkin Chili with Homemade Cornbread

Nourish the Children and G-Star

Pursuant to my recent post, select G-Star stores are donating meals to Nourish the Children for every $100 in purchases through Oct. 19th in connection with Millenium Campaign End Poverty 2015. If you live in Dallas or California (SF, LA, OC), please drop by G-Star and support this wonderful cause! (sorry, for some reason, I … Continue reading Nourish the Children and G-Star

Hamburger & Hot Dog Cupcakes

These are my husband's favorite cupcakes. Chocolatey, dense and not-too-sweet. The hot dogs and hamburger decorations were for a BBQ we had with friends. Topped with simple almond buttercream (that was supposed to be red, but I got tired of thinning the gel food color to make it red enough!).Chocolate CupcakesAdapted from Everyday FoodIngredientsMakes 123/4 … Continue reading Hamburger & Hot Dog Cupcakes