My weekend- Dirty 30 Cake (cake 2 of 3)

For the record, I didn’t come up with the name of this cake. A friend called me up late last week, saying her friend was having a birthday party on Saturday night and her cake-baker had a family emergency and couldn’t make her cake so she asked if I could make it. Knowing I had two other cakes this weekend, I hesitated. But then I thought, oh well if it’s a simple design, I have time. So when I spoke to the birthday girl, she just wanted off-white fondant with leopard print ribbon along the base. Simple. For 80 people. Oh, wait…
This is the largest cake I’ve made. I was a bit nervous about the 12″ layer since I hadn’t ever covered a cake that big, but it turned out ok. I was also nervous about not being the one delivering it because the cake was pretty big and pretty heavy and my poor friend who was taking it to the party probably weighs the same as the cake. But I think it made it there in tact and still standing. The tiers are all red velvet with italian meringue cream cheese buttercream.

So, we got a new camera and I’m not good with it. Obviously, this picture is crooked and the top tier did not look like that in person. I should’ve had my husband take the pics! 🙂


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