TWD- Kugelhopf

This week’s recipe was chosen by Yolanda of The All-Purpose Girl. I wasn’t expecting much- some kind of bread thing with raisins doesn’t appeal to me. Even less so after I read how long it was going to take me to make this. I halved the recipe and used a muffin pan and used chocolate chips instead of raisins. And yes, I should’ve read this recipe more carefully in advance since it’s 8pm on Monday night and my dough is rising in the oven. Thank goodness for the “bread proofing” setting!Ok, so past the refrigeration and second rising, (which, I admit, I cut short), and into the oven the Kugelhopf (muffins) went. I was pleasantly surprised how much they puffed up after the first 10 minutes. I put the foil tent over them and that’s about when this wonderful, buttery, sweet smell starting wafting through the kitchen. After another 10 minutes, I took them out because they were golden brown already. I brushed butter over them and sprinkled sugar on the tops. I convinced my husband to try some tonight so I sifted powdered sugar over them and we dug in. WOW! They were really good- warm and buttery, just the slightest perfect amount of sweetness. I admit I really didn’t think I’d like these, but they’re pretty amazing.
Thanks to Yolanda for the great pick! Check out the TWD blogroll for other results!


25 thoughts on “TWD- Kugelhopf

  1. CB says:

    Your oven has a bread proofing setting? JEALOUS! I need that. HAHA. Your kugelhopf muffins are adorable. Glad you enjoyed the recipe!Clara @ iheartfood4thought

  2. Cakelaw says:

    I like your muffin-kugelhopfs. I think thse would have been better warm like you had them – once it cooled, it was a very plain bread.

  3. AmyRuth says:

    Jodie, Great idea. Thanks for showing us your Kugel-muffins. I may have to try those next time. Mine stuck to my bundt pan in a big way, sadly. Glad you enjoyed.Happy BakingAmyRuth

  4. Jacque says:

    Isn’t it nice when a recipe you think you won’t like turns out to be really good? Your kugel-muffins look really light and fluffy. Nice job!

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