TWD- Grandma’s All-Occasion Sugar Cookies

Starting the holiday season off right, we have yet another cookie recipe this week. Chosen by Ulrike of Küchenlatein, these are a variation on a couple sugar cookies recipes from Dorie. I love sugar cookies and the satisfaction I get from a whole batch of baked, decorated sugar cookies. What I don’t love, is the time and effort it takes to get to the end of a whole batch of baked, decorated sugar cookies. All the chilling, rolling, cutting, baking, re-chilling, re-rolling (I know, sometimes you’re not supposed to re-roll), more baking….and then you’re still not done when they come out of the oven. Honestly, I’m only cut out for this kind of thing a couple times a year.
But it’s the Christmas season and you HAVE to have some sugar cookies, right? Well, Dorie’s recipe is great because you can just roll and cut right in the plastic wrapped dough disks! I love it!! No floured countertops (and floors)! The dough is super soft, though. To save 2 hours of chilling time, I put mine in the freezer for about 45 minutes. Worked just fine. I kept trading off between the two dough disks- kept one in the freezer while I worked with the other. Here’s my helper. I know I shouldn’t let her lick the paddle, but you couldn’t resist that face, either. In Christmas jammies, no less! I topped mine with a simple sugar/milk drizzle and some colored sugar sprinkles. I also drizzled a few with melted chocolate.
So, not as cutely (is that a word?) decorated as I would’ve liked if I had more time, but these cookies are really good. Buttery and crispy… I am of the opinion that they need icing, however. A naked sugar cookie is not for me!! Check out Ulrike’s blog for the fantastic recipe!


14 thoughts on “TWD- Grandma’s All-Occasion Sugar Cookies

  1. Jess says:

    Those look great – freezing the dough is the right way to go, I think. I also let my little helper lick the beaters – it’s part of the fun of baking, isn’t it?

  2. Kimberly Johnson says:

    Your little helper is adorable! Your cookies look great! I especially like the snowman. I always let my little helper lick the beater and my big helper is ecstatic if he is around and gets a lick too!

  3. Teanna says:

    Seriously… for such a simple cookie, WHY is there so much work involved??? Ah well… the final product is well worth it! Your iced sugar cookies look delicious!

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