TWD- Devil’s Food White Out Cake

Like other TWD-er’s, I was looking forward to making the cover cake of the wonderful book we’re using. It looks so wonderful- but I was in for a surprise skimming through the recipe. Cocoa powder AND chocolate chunks? YES! I was a little disappointed that the frosting is the seven-minute frosting type- marshmallowy and light. I was hoping for something more along the richer, creamier lines. But the cake did not disappoint. Moist and chocolatey- wonderful. I would like to try it with a different frosting, though.
I halved the recipe and made it in a 6″ pan. One of the layers wasn’t thick enough to split in two, so there aren’t any crumbs on the outside. Check out Stephanie’s blog for the recipe!


8 thoughts on “TWD- Devil’s Food White Out Cake

  1. Karen says:

    It looks like your cakes tured out beautifilly even without the crumbs! 🙂 A thick creamy frosting would probably be great with this!

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