TWD- Banana Cream Pie

I was with my family for the past couple weeks in Utah and we celebrated my dad’s birthday. His favorite dessert ever is banana cream pie so I made it for dessert after our dinner here. Amy of Sing for Your Supper was this week’s host. I am sad to say that all pictures taken that night were on my mom’s and brother’s camera so I don’t have any pictures, but the pie was so yummy. The filling was rich and creamy and Dorie’s pie crust is about the best I’ve ever had. Check out Amy’s blog for the recipe!


6 thoughts on “TWD- Banana Cream Pie

  1. Gabe's Girl says:

    Isn’t great when things work out that way! Your dad must have felt so special and loved. Can hardly wait to see the pictures. Her crust is amazing.

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