TWD- Chipster Topped Brownies

Well, I almost didn’t make this because I wasn’t in the mood to make TWO batters. Then I read the P&Q and everyone said it was amazing. So I got a burst of energy this afternoon and while child #1 was coloring in her new $1 coloring book from Target and child #2 was sleeping, I whipped these babies up.
The concept is a layer of brownies (sans nuts for me) topped with a layer of chocolate chip cookies (I made butterscotch-toffee).
Everyone in the P&Q said not to overbake, so I was (overly) cautious. Mine ended up being basically cookie dough in the middle, even though the tester didn’t come out batter-y. The outside pieces were fabulous- crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside.
The brownie layer and cookie layer separately were SO good, and together…. well, you’ll have to make these to truely experience the goodness! Check out Beth’s blog for the recipe!


6 thoughts on “TWD- Chipster Topped Brownies

  1. TeaLady says:

    Yeah, two batters is a lot, but well worth it. These were really good. Glad you ended up making them. A little one goes a long way.They look delish.

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