TWD- Honey-Cherry Ice Cream

When we got married, one of the first things on our registery was a Cusinart ice cream maker- the one with the dual cannisters so you can make 2 quarts at once. It’s been one of my favorite (and my husband’s) gift. There’s nothing like good homemade ice cream to celebrate summer.
This week’s recipe for Honey-Peach Ice Cream wa
s chosen by Brown Interior. I’ll admit that while I was excited to make ice cream, I wasn’t excited about the honey part. Just about the only thing I like honey on is toast with peanut butter. But I decided that I should stick somewhat to the recipe. Since we didn’t have peaches and I didn’t plan far enough in advance to buy them in time for them to ripen, I used cherries.The cherries were boiled with honey until soft then pureed for the custard.The ice cream was pretty heavy on the honey flavor. I think if I ever made this again, I would cut way back on the honey. Or omit it completely because the custard mixture made the ice cream really creamy and rich.
Check out Tommi’s blog for the recipe!


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