TWD- Vanilla (Egg) Ice Cream

I love homemade ice cream. I personally haven’t perfected the process, but whenever I have someone else’s, it’s heavenly. The last TWD ice cream was pretty good- nice and creamy and rich. So I had high hopes for this one, especially since the P&Q had nothing but good things to say. This recipe, chosen by Lynnylu, is basic- hot milk and cream is added to egg yolks and sugar and cooked until it reaches the specified temperature. Somewhere I went wrong because mine just tasted like eggs. I used high quality vanilla extract, but it didn’t mask the eggy flavor.Sad. I was so looking forward to some creamy vanilla ice cream. Not even root beer could save this! Although, I may try….


11 thoughts on “TWD- Vanilla (Egg) Ice Cream

  1. Pamela says:

    Oh, gosh! I'm so sorry that this one didn't work out for you! Have you ever tried David Lebovitz's Philadelphia style vanilla? No eggs in that one. I want to try it soon. Anyway, sorry again!

  2. Lillian says:

    Oh, that's a shame. Try Philadelphia-style ice cream next time — it's much easier, and there are no eggs. Really, all you need to do is heat cream and sugar till the sugar dissolves, then add vanilla extract and a pinch of salt. If it tastes good in the pot, it will taste good as ice cream!

  3. Linda says:

    I agree w. Lillian…sounds like you are a Philly-style kinda girl. If you need a good Philly style recipe, David Lebovitz has a great one. If you don't have his book, I can e-mail you the recipe.

  4. Lynnylu says:

    Sorry you didn't like the ice cream. I supposed the eggs are a personal preference. It looks great, however. Thanks for making Dorie's recipe with me.

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