TWD- Brownie (Jumbo) Buttons

Mmm… brownies. As I’ve mentioned before, my husband claims to not be a brownie fan, so when I saw that these were chosen this week by Jayma, I wasn’t too sure about making them. Then I saw that they take about 5 minutes, only make a few (even fewer if you make them in a regular muffin pan like I did- you’ll get exactly 6), and got rave reviews on the P&Q so I went ahead and made them with my daughter. These are GREAT if you ever need a quick treat and as far as brownies go, they’re my favorite kind- moist, chewy and dense (not cakey).
And you know my non-brownie-loving husband had one and liked it. 🙂 Check out Jayma’s blog for the recipe!


9 thoughts on “TWD- Brownie (Jumbo) Buttons

  1. Linda says:

    This has to be a good recipe if your non-brownie-loving husband liked them. I especially loved them because they were so easy to make. Great job!

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