TWD- Split-Level Pudding

I admit I haven’t had the best of luck making Dorie’s recipes that have pudding or custards. I think they turn out too eggy. Unfortunately, it happened again with this one. The pudding, which is a vanilla (I did cinnamon) pudding on top of (or in my case surrounded by) chocolate ganache. It looks and sounds wonderful- the picture in the book looks fabulous. I thought the flavor was really good, but the cinnamon pudding was eggy. I also thought there were a lot of steps- put things in the food processor, take them out, put other things in, pour them out, cook, and put them back in, blah, blah….Sorry, does this post sound negative? Maybe it’s because I’m out of town and it was SNOWING today. 🙂 Check out Garrett’s blog for the recipe!


9 thoughts on “TWD- Split-Level Pudding

  1. Karen says:

    Snow!! What? I ❤ snow….at least when I can go to the snow and come back home. 🙂 Sorry this didn't turn out as well as you hoped!

  2. Susan says:

    Where was it snowing? Your pudding looks great. Mine thickened in the pan, but then became liquid after I added the butter and vanilla. Go figure. Froze it and it tasted good. :}

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