Almost Fudge Gateau

I'm not sure if this has made the rotation for TWD, but this easy, chocolatey dessert was a hit at our little monkey's blessing last week. The gateau is dense and moist, and most importantly, chocolatey!I used a dark chocolate (66% cacao) and it made the dessert so rich, it was great!Topped with a glaze … Continue reading Almost Fudge Gateau


CS Bakers- Burnt Sugar Cake

Burnt Sugar Cake.Burned sugar syrup incorporated into a yellow cake, frosted with icing with the same burnt sugar syrup.Sound sweet?That's putting it mildly.This was November's Cake Slice Bakers cake from Southern Cakes by Nancie McDermott. Not a hit in our house. The cake was moist, but overly sweet. The frosting was the powder-y sugar kind … Continue reading CS Bakers- Burnt Sugar Cake