TWD- Chocolate-Cinnamon Sables

Hmm. Shortbread. Not my favorite. I’m always reminded of sawdusty, not very sweet,just kinda greasy cookies.
No thanks.
I almost skipped this week, but then I remembered I’m hardly ever disappointed by Dorie’s recipes, so I made half of the recipe, added some cocoa (everything’s better with chocolate, right?) and cinnamon and baked them up. Rolled in green and red sugar, these little cookies were sure yummy! My 4 year old ate three and called them “scrumdelicious!”
Check out Barbara’s blog for the recipe!


9 thoughts on “TWD- Chocolate-Cinnamon Sables

  1. Liz says:

    Oh, I wish you'd suggested this before I made mine! I think I would love a chocolate-cinnamon variation. Must…make…more…sables…

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