We went to Maui last weekend for a wedding. We were spoiled. Badly. This was the view from our room:

The wedding festivities included a luau with the freshest sushi I’ve ever eaten- I’m talking melt in your mouth fresh. The reception was a four course dinner. Yum.
The first course: a shrimp stuffed crab cake:
Second course: fig, arugula, proscuitto bruscetta with a balsamic reduction:
Third course: Filet of beef over spinach-stuffed portobello and macadamia nut-crusted catch of the day in passionfruit beurre blanc and purple sweet potatoes:
And my favorite- the wedding cake

We hit a place called Alexander’s in Kihei. Yummy (deep-fried) goodness.

Hush puppies and shrimp and calamari basket:
Tempura purple sweet potato (I was loving these purple sweet potatoes):

On Mother’s Day, we hit the ever-popular Mama’s Fish House, which has been featured on Food Network a few times. Purple sweet potato fries!! And amazing seafood.

My favorite, though, was Paia Fish Market. I first saw it as Curtis Stone’s pick on The Best Thing I Ever Ate. Then I started hearing about it here and there. It was amazing! The people we were with ordered fish baskets and they looked delicious.

We miss you already, Maui!


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