TWD- Fluff-filled Chocolate Madeleines (Buttons)

I actually pulled this week’s TWD off! I really wanted to make these, but I didn’t have a Madeleine pan and didn’t want to buy one because I would never use it again. Enter the P&Q. Chocolatechic (who has a great blog) posted about using a muffin pan. Great! I have those!
I used a standard size muffin tin. I halved the recipe and only made 6. I loved the shiny ganache on top. These were so chocolatey (never a bad thing) and yummy. I think I would like something besides the marshmallow fluff in these- maybe a buttercream or something?

I also cut the baking time to about 9 minutes for the size and number of my cookies. Thanks to Margot for the great pick!


10 thoughts on “TWD- Fluff-filled Chocolate Madeleines (Buttons)

  1. Peggy the Baker says:

    Thanks to my son, I now own a silicon madeleine pan. It was surprisingly satisfying to pop these little cakes out of the pan! Maybe there is a madeleine pan in your future!

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