TWD- Berry Double Crisp

Wow, how depressing that I've been away from TWD for so long. I'm glad to be back (at least for this week) with this AMAZING fruit crisp. Chosen by Sarah, this is supposed to be a strawberry rhubarb crisp. I couldn't find rhubarb (ok, I'm not sure I would've used it if I could), so … Continue reading TWD- Berry Double Crisp


Double-decker Bus Cake

For my good friend Melissa, who loves London!The cake was chocolate filled with caramel buttercream. The buttercream was a recipe I hadn't tried before, but has made my list of favorites! Make it and put it on everything!!!Caramel Buttercreamrecipe from Martha Stewart RecipesIngredients1 cup plus 2 tablespoons sugar1/4 cup water1/4 cup heavy cream12 ounces (3 … Continue reading Double-decker Bus Cake