Book Review- Lunch Wars

Gloppy hot mystery food. Canned peaches or fruit cocktail. Warm cartons of milk. Multi-colored plastic trays. This is what I remember of school lunches when I was in elementary school. Waiting in line with my little blue ticket for food and brown ticket for milk, kind of embarrassed that my mom made me get hot … Continue reading Book Review- Lunch Wars


Sentimental Circus Cake

One of my best clients asked me to make her 14 year old's birthday cake (3rd year in a row!). She requested a Sentimental Circus theme, which I'd never heard of. The main character is a little bunny, a little reminiscent of Hello Kitty. Cake was orange dreamsicle.

I haven't done too many carved cakes, but when our friend asked for a classic VW Beetle cake for her husband, I was so excited. Carving cakes is time consuming and takes a LOT of cake. This car cake was difficult because there are so many angles and lines. After looking on the internet for … Continue reading

40th birthday cake

This cake was for my friend's husband, who turned 40. He's a fan of the Raiders and LA Kings, and apparently, a bunch of metal bands from the 80's. Rather than make all the logos by hand, I used edible images. Cake was lemon with strawberry filling.