Zhu Zhu Pet Cake

Beansy is my oldest daughter. She turned 6 last week. She's the reason I started making cakes- her 1st birthday cake was the first fondant-covered cake I made. She had a big week- she suddenly started riding a two-wheeled bike, her first piano recital, she lost her first tooth, she turned 6, and it was … Continue reading Zhu Zhu Pet Cake


Gift Idea #4- Cinnamon Caramel Corn

My husband loves caramel corn. Like, it's one of his favorite treats. Usually I make caramels because they're a fave, but this year I wasn't up for wrapping 200 caramels, so I went with caramel corn.I used a recipe that uses cinnamon, and I drizzled it with melted chocolate:Packed in little gift cello bags, it was … Continue reading Gift Idea #4- Cinnamon Caramel Corn