Gift Idea #3- Cookies in a Jar

Ok, I saved my favorite for last. This recipe for cookies in a jar is so cute and fun- oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with m&m’s. Bakerella posted in a while ago in pink, and then Make it Do posted a Christmas version with the Christmas m&m’s. I love this because you can customize it to any holiday or occasion. I really wanted to try it with the CINNAMON m&m’s I saw at Target a couple weeks ago, but they weren’t Christmas colors. Guess I’ll have to make them again! 🙂
Ok, so I took a picture of the mix in the jar. And then I accidentally erased it. Who erases the most important picture? So here’s the pic from Make it Do. Imagine mine was this good. And this cute:
The recipe is so easy, your kids can help! Don’t worry if you get a mix from me; no naked kids were allowed to make the mix. And no naked kids make any food that leave this house.

 These cookies are delicious and a great gift for any family!

The recipe for the cookies is here!

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