TWD- Cherry Nectarine Pie

What is it about baking in someone else’s kitchen that makes you feel out of sorts? We’re visiting family and we’re staying at my parent’s. For some reason, I cannot bake very well in my mom’s kitchen. Cooking is ok, just not baking. Things turn out like this and this. So sad.
I wasn’t sure how this week’s TWD for Blueberry Nectarine pie would turn out, but I thought pie doesn’t have to rise. I should be ok. I opted for cherries because, well, I like cherries more.

The fruit is cooked in sugar, flour and lemon zest for a few minutes until it’s syrup-y and the fruit is soft.

Pour it in the pie crust, top with the other crust and pretend you know how to crimp the edges.

The recipe says to bake 30-40 minutes. Mine took almost 40 minutes. Maybe not the prettiest pie. It was hard to make the edges look good because it’s baked in a cake pan. That’s my excuse.

This recipe was really fantastic. The cherries were juice and a little tart, and the nectarines added some more tartness. I probably should have used a little more sugar, but paired with ice cream, this was delicious.

Hilary and Liz have the recipe!


7 thoughts on “TWD- Cherry Nectarine Pie

  1. Liz says:

    Your good-lookin' pie inspired me to make a cherry nectarine pie of my own, and it was amazing! (I'm finally posting mine tomorrow–yes, I misread the TWD schedule. Yes, I'm a dope.) Thanks for the great idea. Glad your family loved it!

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