German Chocolate Cake

So, I used to think German Chocolate cake was something that only old people liked. It had nuts and coconut and it was called German. Sounds old to me!
Then I met my husband and he LOVES German Chocolate cake (he also loves rice pudding, which is FOR sure an old people thing- you can’t sway me on that). So, every year for his birthday I make him a (surprise!) cake of his choice. A few years ago, he asked for German Chocolate cake and I found this recipe for inside out German chocolate cake that was delicious. Well, fast forward a few years (five, to be exact), and I realize that I haven’t made German chocolate cake since then! So I was excited when our friend asked me to make her husband’s birthday cake for a beach birthday party last weekend. I did a quick search and decided on David Lebovitz’s German chocolate cake
Let me just tell you, this is YUM (that’s the best I could come up with). It’s moist and so delicious. I omitted the nuts (as always), and my icing didn’t turn out thick enough to pipe (or spread for that matter), so I chilled it and whipped it up in to whipped ganache and piped the borders on it.
Make this. And eat small pieces so you don’t feel as bad about yourself.


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