Kentucky Butter Cake

Time for another bundt! When you google bundt cakes or search on Pinterest, Kentucky Butter Cake comes up a lot. A LOT. So I decided to try it, though I normally opt for chocolate cakes 😊

This is a quick vanilla pound cake-type bundt. After it’s done baking, however, you pour a sugary, buttery glaze over the top (bottom) while it’s still hot. Yes. 

Once it’s cooled, you will unmold it and it will stick to the pan. And you will feel badly even though you oiled and floured the pan and the recipe warned you it was tricky. Then you will scrape off the stick cake bits and try to patch it back up. But then you’ll convince yourself that there was no way it wouldn’t not stick (that’s proper grammar), so you cover it up with some powdered sugar and strategically take your picture.  

The cake is moist with the crunchy glaze. Delicious. There are lots of recipes for this out there (did I mention that?), but I used this one.


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