Roasted Banana Bars with Browned Butter Frosting

I'd like to say that I'd been planning on making these bars for a while, but honestly, we had a bunch of bananas that went super-ripe in about a day's time (what's up with Costco bananas? They're green one day and brown the next?!). So, I have made banana bars before, but this whole roasted … Continue reading Roasted Banana Bars with Browned Butter Frosting


Caramel Banana Bars

I made Ina Garten's caramel sauce recipe last week for an ice cream party and had some left over. Then I saw some overripe bananas on my counter and a thought came into my head. I like banana bars. And I like caramel. Hmm.And why shouldn't you put cream cheese frosting on everything? These are yum, … Continue reading Caramel Banana Bars

Haunted House Cake II

A cake for Bayler, who turned 6. My second haunted house cake (the first one is here)- the birthday boy wanted something similar, only he wanted a blue house. The bottom part of the house is vanilla cake with chocolate filling and the top is banana cake with vanilla filling. My favorite banana cake recipe is … Continue reading Haunted House Cake II


Chocolate Banana Muffins

Ok, so I've had a few overripe bananas in our house. I blame my husband who will only eat bananas if they're just so- which leaves about a 2 day window that he'll eat them. I found this recipe on I'm pretty much loving the recipe spinner on the iPhone app!This recipe is quick- … Continue reading Chocolate Banana Muffins


TWD- Cocoa-nana Bread

I've been wanting to make this recipe for a while. I love banana bread, and at first glance, I didn't think banana and chocolate was such a weird combination.Plenty of people did, however. Banana splits? Chocolate-covered bananas? It's not that out-there. This banana bread is heavy on the chocolate (1 cup cocoa plus chocolate chips) … Continue reading TWD- Cocoa-nana Bread


TWD- Classic Banana Bundt Cake

This week's TWD was chosen by one of my (and lots of other people's) favorite blog The Food Librarian for Classic Banana Bundt Cake. We love banana bread at our house so I was sure this would be a hit. Husband and Monkey #1 liked it, but Monkey #2, who doesn't really like cake/bready food … Continue reading TWD- Classic Banana Bundt Cake


CS Bakers- Banana Cake with Praline Filling and White Chocolate Ganache

This months Cake Slice Baker's cake is Banana Cake with Praline Filling and White Chocolate Ganache. A moist, mildly-banana banana cake with a creamy white chocolate ganache. I left out the deep-fried pecans because although I'm sure they're wonderful, we're not fans of nuts and I didn't reall feel like using 3 cups of oil … Continue reading CS Bakers- Banana Cake with Praline Filling and White Chocolate Ganache