King Arthur Flour Brownies

How do you like brownies? Thin and a little hard (well-cooked)? Thick and chewy? Edges? Middles? I've long been resigned to the fact that, for my tastes, the best brownies come from mixes. Seriously. How yummy are the brownies that have that flaky crisp top, chewy and moist in the middle? I feel I've given … Continue reading King Arthur Flour Brownies

TWD- Peanuttiest Blondies

After this cake last weekend, I wasn't much in the mood for running to the store for the things I didn't have for this recipe- non-natural (unnatural?) peanut butter and peanuts. Dorie says not to use natural peanut butter, but I did and it was really good. These blondies are great- the texture reminded more … Continue reading TWD- Peanuttiest Blondies

TWD- Milky Way Brownies and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake

Ok, I don't love mint chocolate desserts. I kind of like mint chocolate chip ice cream, but not really. So these brownies, which have York Peppermint Patties mixed in, got Milky Way bars instead. Mine were really thin and fell apart. I'm more of a thick, chewy brownie fan, but these were chocolatey and moist. … Continue reading TWD- Milky Way Brownies and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake

TWD Rewind- Rick Katz’s Brownies for Julia

Ok, so this week's recipe is really supposed to be for Honey-Wheat cookies, some mixture of wheat germ, honey and lemon. Hmm. People on the P&Q said they were good, but I'm not buying it. So I decided to make Chocolatechic's Rick Katz’s Brownies for Julia since I missed it making cakes. Everyone said these … Continue reading TWD Rewind- Rick Katz’s Brownies for Julia