Little mermaid cake II

Another Little Mermaid cake like the one a couple of weeks ago. This time a two tiered cake with purple seashells around the top tier. Again, an Ariel doll adorned the top.

Ombre Buttercream Rose cake

A two tier 40th birthday cake with ombre buttercream roses. This is a simple yet pretty way to decorate a cake. Use a large star tip on a crumb coated cake, start from the inside and circle around twice. I love the effect of the ombré too!

Diet Coke can cake

For a 40th birthday party, the birthday girl loves DC. The cake is two 6" tiers stacked on top of each other and wrapped in fondant. Then I airbrushed it silver and free hand cut the red letters. The "diet" is handwritten with edible marker. Browned butter cake with vanilla filling.