Red Velvet Sheet Cake

I know this statement will cause all sorts of outrage, but I don't get the appeal of Texas Sheet Cake. It's just an inferior chocolate cake. Thin, powdered sugary frosting... what's the point? My anti-Texas Sheet Cake attitude has bled into other sheet cakes as well. But a couple weeks ago, we were watching Pioneer … Continue reading Red Velvet Sheet Cake


Happy Valentine’s Day!

I'll be honest here. I've never been someone who really gets into Valentine's Day. Sure, I loved making mailboxes in elementary school and giving valentines to my classmates (and I did save the best valentine in the box for the cute boy). This Valentine's day might hold the most excitement for me because my 5 … Continue reading Happy Valentine’s Day!

CS- Red Velvet Cake

Ok, I think I missed last month's Cake Slice Bakers' cake. This month was Red Velvet, one of my favorite flavors of cake. I halved the recipe and made cupcakes as between this and TWD, we're up to our eyeballs in desserts (thank goodness we have visitors!)Did anyone else miss where in the recipe instructions … Continue reading CS- Red Velvet Cake