Gymnastics Cake

This was for Naomi, who had a gymnastics birthday party. It's hard to see, but the figure on top is doing the splits. Cake was chocolate with chocolate buttercream.

Ombré Polka Dot cake

This cake was for a sweet girl in my church class. She loves shopping and her birthday party was a scavenger hunt at the mall. Love it! She wanted a cake with ombré dots- her favorite colors are hot pink and teal- with a Nordstrom bag on top 🙂 trouble, I tell you!

Cinderella Cake IV

Ok, so I've done quite a few Cinderella cakes. I love the shades of blue and swags and bows you can do to fit the theme. This was for a little four year old. The blob on the right is a glass slipper painted in silver luster dust.