Hot Wheels cake

This was for Cash's 2nd birthday: the cars were figures supplied by the birthday boy's mom. The cake was decorated to match the party decor.

Cars cake IV

For my son's buddy Max, with whom he used to have a love/hate relationship. But now it's mostly love. Cars were toys provided by the birthday boy's mom.

Cars 2 Cake

Someone contacted me on Facebook to order a cake like the Cars 2 cake I made last year. She wanted it for her little boy, who turned 1. This one was to be bigger, so it's three tiers. The cars are made out of rice krispie treats and covered and decorated in fondant.

Fire Engine Cake

This fire engine cake was for Drake, who had a Cars 2 cake last year. I tried airbrushing the red, which was fun and worked fine. Until I cleaned up. Red. Everywhere. Even upstairs on the bathroom counter (must have gone through the vents). Crazy!Cake was chocolate with chocolate filling.

I haven't done too many carved cakes, but when our friend asked for a classic VW Beetle cake for her husband, I was so excited. Carving cakes is time consuming and takes a LOT of cake. This car cake was difficult because there are so many angles and lines. After looking on the internet for … Continue reading