Little mermaid cake

A cake for Camryn's 5th birthday. The mom had an Ariel figure for the top. The cake was coconut covered in ombre half circles to look like scales. Loved this one!

Cars cake IV

For my son's buddy Max, with whom he used to have a love/hate relationship. But now it's mostly love. Cars were toys provided by the birthday boy's mom.

Cinderella Cake IV

Ok, so I've done quite a few Cinderella cakes. I love the shades of blue and swags and bows you can do to fit the theme. This was for a little four year old. The blob on the right is a glass slipper painted in silver luster dust.

Tangled Cake III

Somewhat inspired by this cake, this was a Tangled cake for Taylor's 5th birthday. Imagine Tangled character figurines on there (supplied by the birthday girl)! :)The cake was vanilla with cookies n' cream filling. The tower is made from rice krispy treats.