Christmas Goodies

I can't believe I had enough in me after these to make more sugar cookies! For our friends, I made some simple sugar cookies with royal icing. For other friends, I made Bakerella's cake pops, covered in white and red candy melts and painted them with gold luster dust.

Happy Birthday, Beansy!

Beansy's 3rd Birthday was spent in Utah since it's right before Christmas. She had an Alice in Wonderland Tea Party with her girl cousins. I made individual present cakes covered in pink fondant and black decorations. The cake was hot pink velvet filled with vanilla buttercream.That night, she celebrated at the Cheesecake Factory with both … Continue reading Happy Birthday, Beansy!


CS Bakers- Chocolate Hazelnut Nutcracker Cake

Whew! I'm starting to update. It's been a crazy couple of weeks! First of all, December's Cake Slice Bakers cake was Chocolate Hazelnut Nutcracker cake. A hazelnut sponge-like cake with grated chocolate mixed in, soaked in syrup, and layered with Creme Chantilly.I personally was disappointed in this. The hazelnut flavor was great, but like this … Continue reading CS Bakers- Chocolate Hazelnut Nutcracker Cake

Christmas Tree Cupcakes and Present Cake

Is it just me or does every company do a United Way fundraiser every year? At almost every company I've worked (in multiple states), there's always been a United Way drive. Well, like every year, there was a bake sale. I made chocolate cupcakes with almond Italian meringue buttercream. These little trees were so fun.And … Continue reading Christmas Tree Cupcakes and Present Cake

TWD- Grandma’s All-Occasion Sugar Cookies

Starting the holiday season off right, we have yet another cookie recipe this week. Chosen by Ulrike of Küchenlatein, these are a variation on a couple sugar cookies recipes from Dorie. I love sugar cookies and the satisfaction I get from a whole batch of baked, decorated sugar cookies. What I don't love, is the … Continue reading TWD- Grandma’s All-Occasion Sugar Cookies