TWD- Quick Berry Tart

I think I'm going to have to go with CB on this- not really that "quick." The tart shell comes together quickly, the pastry cream comes together fairly quickly, but by the time you add that up, not so quick.But oh, so worth it.Put plainly, you need to make this.  Now. Go to Cristine's blog … Continue reading TWD- Quick Berry Tart


Brownie Pudding

Do you have Souplantation (in other places called Sweet Tomatoes) where you live? I hope so. I first went there years ago and I thought, "What? Eight bucks for a salad bar? No, thanks!" Then when my brother and I lived together in Los Angeles, we would go together and I started loving it. Now, … Continue reading Brownie Pudding

TWD- Split-Level Pudding

I admit I haven't had the best of luck making Dorie's recipes that have pudding or custards. I think they turn out too eggy. Unfortunately, it happened again with this one. The pudding, which is a vanilla (I did cinnamon) pudding on top of (or in my case surrounded by) chocolate ganache. It looks and … Continue reading TWD- Split-Level Pudding


TWD- Four Star Chocolate Bread Pudding

Bread pudding is kinda weird. Some people don't like it because it has a different consistency. I never liked it when I was younger- mushy bread in some eggy, jelly stuff? No thanks! Then I tried some when I was older. It was just plain vanilla bread pudding, warm with some vanilla ice cream and … Continue reading TWD- Four Star Chocolate Bread Pudding


TWD- Vanilla Cup Custard

Finally back to TWD- I'm staying home with my kids full time now (yay!) but somehow I have a lot less time than I did when I was working. How's that? Anyway, this week was a custard chosen by Bridget. After reading the P&Q, I wasn't sure about making it- EVERYONE said it was eggy … Continue reading TWD- Vanilla Cup Custard


TWD- Creme Brulee

After reading a couple other posts on this, I'm not alone in saying that Creme Brulee has always been a favorite dessert of mine. And my husband's. So much so, in fact, that we got a butane torch for our wedding shower (we have yet to buy a tank, though...darn!). So I was pretty excited … Continue reading TWD- Creme Brulee