TWD- Arborio Rice Pudding

Rice pudding, huh? Soggy rice in a congealed cream sauce? Really? I confess the only reason I made this week’s TWD is because my husband likes rice pudding. Chosen by Isabelle, Dorie’s version uses Arborio rice, the type used in risotto. It’s a simple recipe, parboiling the rice, and adding it to a boiling milk/sugar mixture until most of the liquid is absobed. I found the directions slightly obscure; it says to cook until the rice is visible in the liquid and 80%-90% of the milk is absorbed. Is this 80%-90% absorbed?
How about this? (Yes, those are raisins peeking out of there. Contrary to my tastes and desires, raisins were added. Only because my husband looked at it on the stove and said, “Are you putting raisins in it?” Since I was making this for him, I caved)

I wasn’t sure, but it seemed “done” to me, so I took it out, poured it into a bowl, covered it and put it in the refrigerator. Six hours later, we had this for dessert:

Yes, that does look like paprika on top, but it’s cinnamon. I did try it, but don’t think I’ll have any more. It was good, but, and perhaps it’s my Asian genes, but milk and rice don’t really do it for me. My husband assured me that he will have no problem finishing it off. So 5 stars from someone who likes rice pudding! Check out Isabelle’s blog for the recipe!


16 thoughts on “TWD- Arborio Rice Pudding

  1. Jamie says:

    Glad the hubby liked it, my boyfriend said it was nasty! Neither of us like rice pudding, but I still tried it! Yours does look yummy!

  2. n.o.e says:

    You got the seal of approval from the rice pudding fan! My husband loves it a whole lot also. I think raisins (drunken ones) would be great in it, so great job.Nancy

  3. Amber says:

    Cute baby in the photo! What a sweet wife you are and just think of all those calories he is saving you. At least you made it and it turned out. It took me 2 tries.

  4. Linda says:

    Rice pudding is a split vote in my home as well…I love it, and my DH grosses out at the thought of it. Your pudding looks perfect…great job!

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