TWD- Devilish Shortcakes

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving? I feel so out of the loop because were visiting my parents, who just moved into a new house and have no Internet yet. What’s that about? I felt like my right hand was missing.
I have made this week’s TWD recipes for Devilish Shortcakes, but apparently I haven’t taken pictures of it. These are a wonderful alternative to regular shortcake- I love it with macerated mixed berries. I have a tendency to overbake these, which makes them very dry. I usually err on the side of caution and underbake them a tiny bit. Head here for the recipe.


One thought on “TWD- Devilish Shortcakes

  1. Abbie says:

    Wow! That was really such a yummy treat for your parents who just moved in to their new home. That's so sweet and so thoughtful of you actually. For me, moving into your new home is such a happy thing because not everyone has the opportunity to do so. Sometimes, we may encounter problems regarding your new home but after days or weeks of adjustment, everything will be in its perfect state.My parents also just moved in to their new home in Canada. Home loans (Alberta) and house financing (Edmonton) helped them with finances and choosing the best home for them. And they love living in their new home so much!

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