Chubby Hubby Bars

I can’t remember the exact moment when I tasted Ben N Jerry’s Chubby Hubby ice cream, but I do know that it has always been my favorite. “Fudge Covered Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels in Vanilla Malt Ice Cream Rippled with Fudge & Peanut Butter.” The only thing that would make it better is some toffee in there. So when I saw Cookies and Cups‘ recipe for Chubby Hubby bars, I knew I had to make them.
The recipe is a cookie base (basically chocolate chip cookie dough without the chocolate chips).
Add some chopped pretzels and peanut butter cups (I know, that cutting board is brand new. Not):

Press into a pan and bake. Then pour melted caramel:

And melted chocolate:

What? Awesome.

Cut in fairly small pieces cuz they’re pretty rich. And also, if they’re in small pieces, you won’t feel as bad eating like 10 of them.

I don’t know why, but I thought they were better the second day. Salty, sweet, chewy, crunchy… everything you could want to satisfy your sweet tooth! Check out the recipe here!


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